Choosing a Dog is Hard

My family agreed with me about getting a pet. But instead of the Teacup Pomeranian that I was raving about, they gave me a choice between a Bichon Poodle and a Yorkie Poodle. They reasoned that the tiny Pomeranian, although the cutest thing, will eventually be harder to care for, owing to its very small size. Small things, they said jokingly, tends to get easily misplaced and lost, even sat on unknowingly or kicked for that matter. I almost debated them for the sake of the Pomeranian, but I remembered what had happened between me and that kind of dog last time we came in contact, I almost stepped on one.

Browsing on the internet to find what each dog looks like, and each ones particular characteristics, I found myself eagerly clicking through websites, combing thoroughly, each bit of information, whether big or small, about the two dogs. Like a child who was promised a pet, I was going bananas in anticipation over which dogs I would choose.

Both of the dogs are wonderful but are relatively high maintenance. The two of them share the poodle as the common mix which means both will have fluffy coats that will not shed but also needs to be groomed often to avoid the matting of their hair. They are described as intelligent, friendly and are always eager to get attention. Both are hard to get housebroken due to their small bladder size, which eventually needs to be emptied frequently, sadly at any place they are currently in, when nature comes calling. Although both dogs share many similarities, they also have distinct differences between them. The Bichon Poodle is more gentle mannered than the seemingly always high strung Yorkie Poodle. The Yorkie is a little bit easier to train than the Bichon but are so very noisy, always yapping around, compared to the more sedate Bichon. With regards to their color, Bichons usually is white and the Yorkie is more on the darker shades of brown and black, oftentimes mixed.

Going through their pictures, they seem to look very much alike, and it really seems like choosing between only one breed of dog as you can’t really tell the difference just by looking at them. Anyways, I’ll know which one I will eventually like when I get a chance to see them in person. Maybe I will even take whichever is the first one that is presented to me. I love dogs very much, there is something about them being so loyal and friendly towards us humans, that it provokes us, especially me, to return the favor and love them back. The type of breed they have doesn’t matter anymore when you see their soulful eyes looking straight through you, you just feel like taking the first one you see, that is, if it’s not growling or something.

I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it, I know, I know, I know, I want you. It’s a song silly. I’m singing because I’m very happy today. Want to know why?