Diarrhea as Pregnancy Scare

My best friend’s wife is currently pregnant with their fourth child. Although having given birth several times, this pregnancy is a little bit momentous for them as the baby she is carrying, is their first boy. They originally planned for only two children, one boy and one girl hopefully, but as luck would have it, three girls preceded this boy.

Already in her late thirties, with her eldest daughter turning 14 this year, she knows that she is pushing the calendar a little bit with this pregnancy, so great care was taken to avoid problems that may arise during this time. They are really happy with the three girls already, but their dream is to have a boy in the family, to complement his three sisters, and to make it complete in their view.

They had a mild scare a couple of weeks back when she had a sudden bout of diarrhea. Of her three past pregnancies, diarrhea was never a factor, so they took great pains in knowing what the cause was, so they can avoid it, and also went immediately to the doctor for proper treatment and also advise.

Pending her lab results, the doctor explained to them the possible causes of diarrhea during pregnancy, he refer me to this website www.commondigestivedisorders.net to learn more about it. Among them is simple food poisoning or something bad that she ate, intestinal parasites, stomach flu or even the hormonal changes that occur to a woman during pregnancy may cause diarrhea. Sometimes, the doctor said, even changes in the diet, in expectation of pregnancy may cause it, as well as heavy exercise or the sudden stopping of it, may also result in the condition.

The doctor also told them that it was nothing to panic about, and her diarrhea, hopefully, will clear up by itself within two to four days, also reminding her to mind her fluid intake in order to avoid dehydration. And if ever the test results came back positive for parasites or bacteria, just a normal course of antibiotics would be needed to remedy it. The doctor finally said that her diarrhea, will not unduly affect her still unborn child in her womb, if dehydration would not be a factor in her sickness, emphasizing again the need to regularly hydrate herself to avoid any lasting effect on the both of them.

Their worries thoroughly addressed and hearing the words that they wanted to hear, they went home happy and planning. They talked about getting a bland diet for the coming week to help her intestinal tract rebound from diarrhea, and how they generally would avoid in her diet, spicy, fatty and rich kinds of food, which are also the usual culprits in causing diarrhea even on a normal person. The BRAT diet also was mentioned, which stands for bananas, rice, apples and toast, to help in her recovery.

Much care should always be taken for every pregnancy, be it the first or the fourth one, to ensure the well-being of everyone involved. It also is of great help when your husband, like my friend, is by your side through much of the process, as it really lightens the hardships and burden associated with it. Congratulations on being a great dad.