Help Me Decide

I almost stepped on a dog today. I was so busy getting to my car, carrying bundles of construction paper to be used in another fun school project, and there were too many people at the mall scurrying around, when the unthinkable almost happened. It was a small dog, no bigger than my shoe, with very fluffy hair that you would mistake it for a bag or something. It was the cutest thing!

Talking with the gracious owner of the dog, who also immediately accepted my apologies, saying that it was bound to happen and that it was also her fault, because her dog was meant to be carried in crowded places, I found out that the dog was a Teacup Pomeranian.  Teacup because it was a tiny variation of Pomeranian dogs, which originally hails from Europe, and is already small to begin with, so just imagine the size of her dog.

They were at the mall to see the vet and to have her pet checked for dog ear infection. The owner said that her dog was always shaking her head and kept on scratching it, as if trying to get something out, and that she had checked it and noticed a bad smell coming from the ear. Freaked out about it, that was when she decided to go to the vet to have it checked out. The dog seemed quite alright as it wiggled around in her grasp and kept playing with the buttons on her shirt, but hey, what do I know about her dog anyway, and I’m not about to smell his ears to really find out, so I just took her word for it. We both said goodbyes and went our separate ways.

I keep on thinking about her dog while driving home. The image of that cute little Pomeranian cuddled beside me or playing with things around my desk is very tempting. It also has been a while since we have had a pet in our house, and I think it’s about the right time to have one, or maybe not.

I thought about how little it would eat and how easy it would be to bathe and care for. Not to mention the joy it will bring to the kids both at home and at school. I can almost picture their eyes, wide with amazement and wonder, and how they would love holding and playing with it. I really would love to have one.

But I also thought about how hard it would be to care for such a little dog. Being very little means that it is also very fragile, a fall while carrying it or an accidental step, like what I have almost done recently, could give it injuries more certainly than a bigger, normal sized dog. Improper handling by kids, who surely would love to hold it, could also bring harm to it. The many risks involved in caring for one, would surely reflect with the high cost it would require from Pet Health Insurance, also came to my mind.

Maybe it was just infatuation, I told myself. Maybe it was really not the right time for it, said the other side of my head. But my heart tells me that I would love to have one. Which do I follow?