Most Dreaded Disease

Cancer is a very frightening and debilitating kind of sickness. It usually starts small and unnoticeable but after time, it becomes bigger and consumes all the tissue in the general area it is located at. Worse, it then kind of spreads itself to other places in the body and other organs in a process called metastasis, growing in their new places and consequently choking the life from the human body.

There is really no concrete cure for cancer as yet. All that modern medicine can do is to somehow shrink the tumor to a more manageable size, or directly operate on it hoping to remove all traces of it from the body. I think in China, they are developing another mode of treatment for cancer that involves chelation therapy and also of freezing the tumor. It is their belief that once the tumor has been already frozen; it is already safe to remove without fear of leaving any traces behind that can regrow back.

There are also several other practiced treatments for cancer like treating it with a raw meat diet, through herbal medicine, sometimes via a whole body and mind cleansing, and of course through chemotherapy, which is the accepted and standard mode of treating cancer. But still there is no sure way of beating it, as the various kinds of treatment only prolongs the life of the patient and never addresses the termination of the tumor and its growth. It is only hoped that it will eventually stop because of treatment, and fortunately with some luck and a huge amount of faith, some survive.

Maggie, our current school principal, has Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer and is already in the process of undergoing several sessions of chemotherapy on top of her five sessions of radiation therapy as initial treatment. She is also under neutropenic precaution as her body has an impaired capacity in fighting off infection, mainly due to the effects of the drugs that she has been taking, and depending on her body’s response to the treatment, she was also advised to temporarily stop working and stay at home during the initial part of the treatments.

Neutropenia is a state of the body wherein the amount of white blood cells has decreased to an amount that is not suitable to perform its function. White blood cells act as the body’s primary defense against disease and infection, and the absence of them makes the body more vulnerable against disease. Neutropenic precautions are performed to help a person who is in a fragile state, stay away from sickness causing things. Typical precautions include the taking of antibiotics, maintaining excellent hygiene, avoiding contact with other people who may be sick, avoiding animals and their excrements amongst other things. Just think of it like it’s the lighter side of staying inside a sterile bubble.

Maggie seems to be in good spirits in spite of her sickness, and it is good, because it is eventually up to her and her body, whether her illness will be cured or not. I’ll just make sure to always include her in my prayers, because we all know that every little bit of help counts.