Pets for Show and Tell

Today we had our Show and Tell in class and it was a success. I told the kids to bring whatever it is they wanted to class, and explain a little bit about it. It can be anything, from a simple rock, a painting of theirs and even their pets, provided that they tell a brief history about the item that they brought, where they got it from and also how important it is to them. I also warned them not to bring anything dangerous or illegal as they would get punished if they did so.

I know they are a little bit old for this activity, already at middle school, but I thought it would be nice to repeat it, if only to further hone their skills in public speaking and boost their confidence in it. It is also nice to know each students insights about different things, as you can visibly tell it from the way they speak and the kinds of words they are using, and it is not so much for their academic learning but for their personal growth as well.

And judging by the weird sounds and numerous pet cages around, it would be safe to say, that most of the students brought their pets with them. To be exact, there were three mini dogs, two cats, five spiders, a snake and a hedgehog; I thought to myself about how chaotic it would be, if any one of them ever escaped from their cages. I understand the choices of cats, dogs and to some extent, and just for shock factor, snakes and spiders, but to think that some of these kids got hedgehogs as pets, amazed me a little. Hedgehogs are almost non-social animals that prefer to rather be by themselves than to interact with humans. So I was very curious about the kid that brought it, and also silently thought to myself, that if I were his classmate, I would eventually ask him of where was the fun in that?

Time did come for that particular boy, to explain why he brought the hedgehog with him that day. He began by asking the class if they are familiar with the video game called Sonic the Hedgehog, which he says was his favorite game when he was younger. He then showed his pet hedgehog and declared to the class; this is Sonic. He said that he was so enamored with the game, that he eventually asked his parents to buy him a hedgehog, and he got his wish. He added that at first, he was disappointed with Sonic, as he was so slow moving, and was the direct opposite of the fast hedgehog that was featured in the game, but then, eventually came to love him because of his “lazy ways”, which he said, reflected to his own personality.

He then said “Sonic” in a loud voice, and the hedgehog he had brought with him curled into a prickly ball, which elicited several oohs from the class, mine included. He then picked Sonic up and blew wind into the hedgehog, and amazingly, it resumed normal form, and was met with loud applause from his classmates. He then closed his presentation by talking about how he himself builds his own hedgehog cages, with just a little help from his dad, and how he takes care of Sonic by himself. He eventually returned to his seat with a big smile on his face.

I was smiling too.