The Shutterbug in Me

I have always enjoyed taking leisurely walks all by myself when the time presents itself. Even though work has been hectic and I am always busy with this and that thing, you know, teaching is a non-stop kind of gig where the work you do don’t necessarily stop when you’re at home or something, I always try to make time for myself. And one of those times is when I am walking.

Walking gives me time to reflect on things that happened, or would be happening, in my life. It is a time for me to rest a little and give back something to “me”. Of course, I also need the exercise that walking offers, but the thing that excites me most when I’m walking around is the chance to marvel at all of God’s creation and everything around me.

I love seeing the little birds that constantly fly from one branch to another seeking for food or just playing around with other birds, the old brown leaves that gently falls to the ground signaling its return to nature, or the random squirrel that pops up unexpectedly, skittering this way and that as if trying to tell you to come hither and play. Everything about my walk is glorious, if you know what I mean.

Walking to me is so very therapeutic that it recharges me to do whatever task still is needed to be done both at home and at work. I don’t know if it is the exercise that does that as we all know how breaking a sweat changes your perspective of things, or maybe it is really the change in scenery.

I also have started bringing a camera when I walk as I thought that maybe taking pictures of what relaxes me most may help me during times of stresses, like when computing my bills, yay! Who wouldn’t be happy looking at pictures of flowers in full bloom when you’re thinking about your hard earned money going away right? Well it certainly makes you think of more positive things.

I have been traveling a lot lately, work related stuff, and I was thinking of bringing my camera with me on my trips. I just need to know about the best travel tripod to buy and the best lightweight luggage available, while we’re at it, so that I could pack as much as I wanted and never have to suffer carrying any of it around.

Well I really need the tripod as my hands have the habit of shaking when taking pictures, probably out of excitement and such, so any suggestions on that department would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe sometimes I’ll even post a few of the pictures I have been taking here in my blog for everyone to see. Who knows, maybe you’ll even feel relieved as I am when you manage to get a look at the wonderful things that I have captured on my lenses, believe me they are truly gorgeous to look at.