Try Natural Medicines for Hay Fever

I have a student in one of my grade school classes who is very fond of math. I know it is somewhat a kind of aberration, as children don’t particularly like math, but she does really like it. I always see her intently listening to whatever I am explaining, be it on the board or in their books that the school issued. She always raises her hand, never skipping a beat, either for discussion or to ask something that she wants clarification on, and you can clearly see that she is very much into it. And she also has high grades to match her enthusiasm, and I believe she got the math award in her class last year, and is already a candidate for it this year. But the problem with her, is that she is frequently absent in class.

She has Allergic Rhinitis, also commonly known as hay fever. No she is not particularly allergic to hay or have a fever most of the time, hay fever is a condition or disease, which typically resembles a common cold with its variety of symptoms such as sneezing, runny, itchy nose and blocked sinuses. Hay fever is caused by the body’s response to allergens in the air, particularly pollen from trees, plants and grass.

Hay fever is a very common disease and is treated by drugs such as Anti-Histamines and steroids. Although the medicines used to treat hay fever is very efficient, it only addresses the symptoms of the disease and not the source of it. Allergy testing is very vital, to know on which items you are allergic to, and consequently avoiding such things, is basically the crux of the treatment of hay fever. Strengthening of the body’s immune system is another vital avenue towards its cure. For hay fever, the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” really rings true.

I had talked to her a couple of times, asking if she was alright or if she is feeling well, sometimes she tells me that it is difficult to breathe, sometimes she complains of fluid in lungs and the hard effort that is needed to bring it out. I also always consciously try to call her in class to answer something, because she often gets sleepy with the medicines she was taking. Medicines for hay fever, always almost contain anti-histamines, which main job is to suppress the production of histamines in the body, but an undesirable side effect of them is drowsiness.

I am also planning to talk to her parents and suggest about the values of natural antihistamine. Maybe it can help with her being sleepy all the time and allow her to concentrate more. Many types of food contain natural antihistamines, typical everyday foods such as garlic, ginger, parsley and even vitamins C and sea-foods contain enough of the compound, that regular consumption of them is as effective as taking medicines. I am just waiting for the correct time to discuss it with them. Hopefully they will give it a try.