Wanting for Cleaner Water

Issues have cropped up about our water system here in America. Some say that the fluoride contained in it, which was included to help us in the first place, was doing us more harm than good. Other issues include the unabated growth of harmful bacteria in our taps, the steady destruction of very old water pipes which has the job of bringing tap water to our homes, lead from the same pipes leaching into the water it conveys, and many other things that is surely a problem to us all, each and every one of them.

We should get really worried about it as water plays a very vital role in all of our lives. Heck, our bodies are composed of mainly water so you can really see why we ought to be assured that what we are taking into it is safe beyond any reasonable doubt

So what can we really do about it besides waiting for our government to do something about it? Well if we just leave it to them then it would probably kill us, so the responsibility really comes down to each and every one of us to ensure the cleanliness of our drinking water.

Buying bottled water for our daily consumption is one thing, but it doesn’t really hold ground in the long run because of the cost it entails and everyone is really not that well off to constantly keep buying it. Boiling of water for drinking is another alternative but it falls to the buying of bottled water category as the boiling of water entails additional costs which will rack up when done continuously.

Filters, in my mind, is the best solution for our home water problems as they solve almost all the problems related to it. See if they filtered the water at the water plant, which they surely do, the water then become prey to the water pipes that conveys the water to our homes, so we are back to square one. So the end filter will work just nicely.

The water will be “cleaned” at the plant then it would be sent through the pipes gaining some impurities once again, but all of that can be solved by bringing in a filter at the end point, which is our faucets, to ensure it is once again clean as it was supposed to be.

So the problem now is finding which kind of filter is the right tool to use for the job. I have read about reverse osmosis and how it thoroughly removes harmful elements from the water meant for human consumption. Basically it works like several types of sieves put together to further purify the water as it passes through each material and the end product will be clean water that is free from impurities.

I have checked on the web and surely there were several products listed as such. The only thing I have got to do now is find out which one is the best reverse osmosis system for me. I will surely find it as my health really depends on it. It’s relatively cheap too as you don’t really replace it regularly. Anyways, it’s really peace of mind that we’re buying here so price will take a back seat on this one.