Your guess is as good as mine

I am forever in awe of how relatively perfect our human bodies are. Relative in a way, because it certainly does get sick and do eventually die, its processes gets jammed and may sometimes go haywire, although seldom on its own and usually always due to us and our choices, but the human body is so perfect for so many reasons.

Take for example the heart; it constantly supplies my whole body with blood and the accompanying nutrients in it, day in and day out since my life began, never ceasing to stop even if momentarily, because once it does, everything also goes out with it. Imagine clenching your fist tightly for two seconds then release it abruptly, now do it about thirty times and tell me what you felt. Your hands did get tired and numb after only a short while didn’t it? The heart cannot afford to get tired for our sake, in fact our heart beats an average of 72 beats per minute, even more if we are exerting effort or are feeling anxious, and that translates into almost 104,000 beats in a day. And if you ever lived up to seventy years old, you can thank your heart for beating almost 2.5 trillion times during your lifetime. No machine created by man can ever beat the heart in terms of performance and longevity.

The human body is also mysterious in the ways it operates itself, prime example of which is our ability to give birth. The female’s body, when already of age, steadily creates the capacity to create life in her womb. Monthly, she gets her period, becomes fertile and produces eggs that can become a baby, provided a sperm enters and interacts with it. How does a woman menstruate? Where does the blood come from and how does the body know that it is time for it? Yes, science probably has answers for each of our questions, but still, why is it done that way. To further discuss from the given example; if a women does get pregnant, how did the sperm get inside the egg? How does it know it is an egg in the first place? And why does the monthly period during pregnancy stop occurring? Is there a hole, deep down the annals of the woman’s body, that got plugged close?

I can go on and on with my questions, and that is just for the human body. What about everything in this world, or even out of it? From whence do all things come from? Are we a product of a big explosion, that happened way, way back? But where did that explosion come from? And who made it? Where is the start of all of that? Or did somebody made all of that and also created us?

Thinking about all of that, really shows us how insignificant all of us are in the scheme of things, one tiny dot in an infinite canvass of life. We live our daily lives blissfully unaware that we are hurtling thru space to a place not yet defined, but for what?